From the Foothills of West Virginia to the Foothills of Turkey

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April 14, 2013



Thomas Moore – Turkey Bound

Turkey Lacrosse Hires Offensive Coach for the Turkish National Team

Thomas Moore is no stranger to teaching lacrosse in areas where is not well known. When he played in West Virginia, there were only two teams in the whole state. Now he plans to help grow the game in Turkey as the Offensive Coach of the Turkish National Team, where there are are only four teams in the whole country.

Thomas Moore is the second addition to the coaching staff of the Turkish National Team, following the appointment of Marty Lattman, Turkey Lacrosse’s Managing Director of Coaching, to the head coaching position.  He’s not sure what to expect, but he is excited nonetheless.

“Not knowing what to totally expect, having only a few days of practice before the tournament in Israel, and performing with players of varying experience levels, I will have to be at the top of my game to allow our players to be at the top of theirs,” says Thomas.

Despite this, Thomas is confident about bringing multiple offensive sets to the team and installing an offense that can compete on the international stage in just a few short days. Patrick Dougherty, Executive Director and Founder of Turkey Lacrosse, is excited to welcome Thomas to the team.

“It’s not easy to find a well-qualified coach that is eager and willing to travel halfway around the world to coach people of a different country, especially when many of those players have been playing the game for only a few short months,” says Patrick. “We’re glad to have Thomas on the team.”

Turkey Lacrosse will have tryouts for the National team in June, immediately followed by a series of exhibition matches in Israel versus the Israeli team, the Jewish-American All-Stars, Jewish-Canadian All-Stars, and the Jewish-European All-Stars. Turkey Lacrosse is currently hard at work securing funds to pay for gear, travel costs, and field costs. For more information, you can reach Patrick Dougherty at, or the Deputy Executive Director, Dean Pohlman, at You can also follow Turkey Lacrosse on facebook at

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