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PHOTOS: Turkey v USA Stars Game- July 7 2013

0 - Published July 22, 2013 by in Development, Europe Lacrosse, Grow The Game, International

Turkey took the field on Sunday, July 7 2013 morning against the USA Stars team for our final game of our trip. I like to mention that we had no games on Friday or Saturday in observance of Shabbat. On Friday, July 5, we, Turkey, had an amazing experience while enjoying a traditional Shabbat dinner with our brothers from Israel lacrosse. Saturday, July 16, most of the Israeli and Turkey teams went together for a day trip to the Dead Sea.

USA Stars won the game on the morning of July 7 to take 1st place, Israel came in second and Turkey third. All-in-all, this was a great learning experience for our young team and one they will never forget. After the game, we all went back and took showers and all teams went on a bus to explore Old Jerusalem with a guided tour. A great way to end our experience and a great way for every member of each team to see each other’s belief’s in a new light and come closer together, not only as players and teammates but as human beings.

Photos were taken by Larry Palumbo (ALL RIGHTS RESERVED)

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