Red Bull Turkey Sponsors Turkey Lacrosse Open 2013’s Beach Lacrosse Fun Tournament

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tlo2013logo_alanyapos2We have been working hard to bring the best possible lacrosse tournament to Turkey and step up what tournaments have to offer in Europe and possibly beyond. It is our pleasure to have Red Bull Turkey be part of the Turkey Lacrosse Open 2013 (TLO13).

Red Bull Turkey will be sponsoring the TLO13’s Beach Lacrosse Fun Tournament on the evening of September 23rd and 24th from 19.00-22.00. Red Bull Turkey has been kind enough to give their Red Bull truck with live DJ music during the event. They will also have free Red Bull to hand out to all players and fans along with putting up a massive wigwam tent to attract the locals and tourists to come watch the beach lax. Red Bull will also supply Red Bull WingsTeam that will help hand out fliers in English and Turkish about the TLO13. This in and of itself is great for any tournament event but Red Bull is going just a bit further to help our tournament and help us promote lacrosse in Turkey.

Red Bull Turkey will have one of their own Red Bull Motocross GP athletes doing a stunt and trick show while the beach lacrosse tournament is going on. Each night, there will be a stunt show to really captivate the audience and draw as many spectators to our event. This is truly an awesome and amazing aspect that Red Bull Turkey is so willing to give to us.


Their support of the TLO13 goes beyond words and with their help and many other organizations locally and worldwide will surely make the Turkey Lacrosse Open 2013 an event that will not soon be forgotten.

As far as we know, this is the first lacrosse tournament in history to incorporate such an activity. We believe this will be a long standing relationship between the Turkey Lacrosse Open and Red Bull Turkey for many years to come with each year adding more flare never seen before at a lacrosse event.

The TLO13 is the first major lacrosse tournament in Turkey’s history. We not only have tournament housing at an All Inclusive Five-Star resort located on the Mediterranean Sea (which we believe is also a first in lacrosse history) but we will also use the unified field so that both the Men’s and Women’s games can be played on the same field that the Olympics is requiring for our entrance back. We also believe we are the first lacrosse tournament to partner with Star Alliance and offer discounts on all flights for TLO13 guests.

Now, we have Red Bull Turkey giving a first to our event and for lacrosse in general. We are so grateful for all our sponsors and partners.

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