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First Muslim Lacrosse Nation

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The tragedy in Paris is heartbreaking no matter where you are from and what you believe in. Even more morose is the news coming from Nigeria where over 2 thousand…TWO THOUSAND Nigerians have been massacred by Boko Haram. For what? For believing in another religion or spiritual deity than the other? From my point of […]


Funds4Sport Launches New Crowdfunding Platform Specifically for Sports

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One of our sponsors for the last few years has just launched their new crowdfunding platform designed specifically for sports. Funds4Sport is owned and operated by sport persons so they truly understand what it means to have to fund raise for every single nickel and dime for items such as uniforms, trips, equipment, coaches, etc. […]


Jamie Plunkett Joins Turkey Lacrosse As Offensive Coordinator

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Turkey Lacrosse is pleased to announce the addition of  Offensive Coordinator, Jamie Plunkett, an Ontario-native living in Berlin, to the Turkish National Lacrosse Team for the World Games in Denver this July. Jamie brings his wealth of knowledge in box lacrosse to the offensive group that will surely make an instant impact. Coach Plunkett played […]

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Zach Moore Joins Turkey Lacrosse Internship Program

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Turkey Lacrosse is preparing for the World Games by continuing to expand its team, and ready to announce the newest arrival. Zach Moore of the University of New Hampshire. He will join Turkey Lacrosse just in time for the World Games as an intern.   Zach has been a defensive midfielder for the Wildcats for […]


Turkey Lacrosse Expanding Internship Program

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Turkey Lacrosse is excited to announce the arrival of its first interns. Kyle Mariboe, senior goalkeeper for Drew University’s Men’s Lacrosse team, joins Turkey Lacrosse as it prepares for the 2014 World Games in Denver. He is eager to spread his love of the game and to help train enthusiasts of the sport from the […]

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Turkey Lacrosse World Games Intern Program

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Turkey Lacrosse World Games Internship Program The Turkey Lacrosse Association is looking for three (3) High School or University students to intern at the World Lacrosse Championships this July in Denver, Co USA Come be part of the largest and most important international lacrosse event with 38 national teams from around the globe competing to […]