Turkey Lacrosse Needs Your Help!

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Howdy folks!! We know it has been awhile since our last post and we again apologize for it. We had a successful Turkey Lacrosse Open 2013 which we will touch on later with multiple posts coming soon.

Our staff took a month break and are now back in action with national men’s team training camps in Istanbul and US next month.

If you wish to participate in the US trials then contact Coach Marty at or if you want to come to Istanbul then email Ismail at

Now, he is where we need your help. We are not proud to have to ask but we have no other choice. We were just informed by our website provider and host that if we do not come up with 400usd by Tuesday, November 4, 2013 that our websites will be shut down. The money is not a lot but we unfortunately do not have it. We have spent our money on renting fields for our Istanbul training camp prior to this.

Our main website, and our tournament website, are being threatened to shut down by the provider.

We are a bit upset since this provider sponsored the tournament website for free but is threatening to shut it down since we owe on the other website.

We will take the responsibility for failure to pay this amount owed as it is and was our responsibility but we are in financial distress and the deadline was given with about a week’s notice as the email came through just yesterday or the day before. We understand that failure to pay has consequences but giving a week notice and shutting down a website that was donated, in our opinion, is a bit harsh.

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We are kindly asking for your help and if you can donate anything to help us out. We truly appreciate any help that comes our way.

Here is the link to donate:

We wanted to rebuild a new website and switch to a server we owned after the first of the year. We want to pay our FIL World game participation fee first as we still owe 750usd out of the 1500usd.

If anyone can build a website or know anyone with that kind of experience, please email us or have them email us at

We truly are grateful for any help anyone can give us in our needs and we are extremely humbled having to ask the crowd for it.

We apologize if this is not the correct forum to be asking such requests but we have no other options.

Please help and be part of the Turkey Lax Revolution!!

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