Turkey National Lacrosse Team Photo on last day of training camp

Turkey’s First National Lacrosse Team Camp

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I must say that I am extremely proud. Almost 4 years of hard work and determination has brought the Turkey Lacrosse program to this point…..our very first national team camp, respectfully. We had 21 players join us in Istanbul from June 28-30 and again, I must admit, it was great while hot as hell.

Turkey Lacrosse National Team Training Camp

Head Coach Marty Lattman breaking down some plays

The boys started arriving on Friday June 28 and made their way to our pool at the clubhouse. Many traveled from Germany and the USA and I thought it would be nice for everyone to meet in a relax atmosphere poolside to get to know one another. For some, this was the first time they met the other players meanwhile for others, they have known and played with each other for a few years now. We spent the day throwing around and swimming.

Some Turkey National team players throwing the ball around by the pool

Some Turkey National team players throwing the ball around by the pool

National team camp clubhouse and pool

National team camp clubhouse and pool

PizzaBulls, one of our sponsors, sent us free pizzas for all to enjoy. All in all, Friday was a great relaxing day for all our athletes and helped in what I expected it to, bond us as a team.

Enjoying PizzaBulls during lunch/cool down break.

Enjoying PizzaBulls during lunch/cool down break.

Saturday, June 29th morning saw us all up early and ready to begin our training camp. All the players received their national team reversibles along with national team polos and hats. You could see how anxious everyone was to put on the gear and begin. Our new national team helmets were given out which instilled within them that they are vying for a spot on Turkey’s first national team thus embarking on unchartered territory.

Turkey national Team getting ready to play

Turkey National Team getting ready to play

National team Head Coach, Marty Lattman and Assistant Coach and Offensive Coordinator, Thomas Moore led the morning session and thus our training camp begun, making history for our fledgling program.  We had two sessions that day from 10am to 1pm and from 3pm to 6pm. Needless to say, it was a long yet glorious day of lacrosse here in Turkey. A special thanks once again to our sponsor, PizzaBulls, for supplying free pizzas to the team during our lunch/cool down break. This day was extremely hot and sunny and most of us were not ready for such an extreme temperature, that is for sure.

Bertan Unal looking to feed Goksun Sofu

Bertan Unal looking to feed Goksun Sofu

Israel_Photos 001

Turkey National Team lined up for some drills led by Assistant Coach Thomas Moore


Sunday, June 30th, marked our second day, twice a day session of national training camp. The boys were roaring to go at 10am. The day was filled with intense work outs and learning of new plays, offensively and defensively. The boys handled it well. We had a range of talent from Division 1 NCAA player to players who just picked up a stick in September 2012. I must add, our program in Ankara started in 2012 and we had 5 of them at national training camp. This is important because these kids have only been training with sticks and gloves the last 10 months as we do not have enough equipment for them. This was the first time they put a helmet and pads on and those kids did a remarkable job and adapted very quickly. I am extremely proud of them and proud of every player who came to our camp.

Coach Thomas explaining the correct way to protect the stick during MAN BALL drills

Coach Thomas explaining the correct way to protect the stick during MAN BALL drills

Once again, PizzaBulls, delivered pizzas during our lunch/cool down break and believe me, it was well needed. These kids worked their tails off and no matter who is selected to the final national team, they can all walk with their heads held high knowing they did their best and they were part of the very first national lacrosse team camp in Turkey lacrosse’s history.

After camp, some went home but others stayed and rested on Monday, July 1st getting ready to head to Israel for a week full of games and joint trainings from July 2-9 2013.


Turkey National Team photo after second and final day of camp

We will host another training camp in Istanbul in November 2013 and one in the US around the same time. We will keep you all posted on the exact dates and location soon.

Please contact if you would like to participate in the Istanbul or USA training camps this fall.

Here is the list of names that were part of the very first national team training camp in Istanbul:

Onat Veziroglu

Patrick Dougherty

Dean Pohlman

Deniz Sakikaya

Stefan Sinan Genisoglu

Umur Can Levent

Mehmet Sait Ozer

Muhlis Burak Cindik

Mahmut Can Kayacan

Bertan Unal

Ozan Can Saribas

Goksun Sofu

Emre Pakcan

Gokhan Ozen

Cem Dogrul

Can Erdem

Batuhan Esirger

Tuhahan Sonat

Ahmet Kaya

Sahin Kutay Ozdemir

Ozgur Ilker

Head Coach Marty Lattman

Assistant Coach Thomas Moore

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