We are back From Holiday Folks!!

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Howdy there laxers!! Great weekend of lacrosse and now everyone is back to work and the sad reality that college lacrosse is now over. BUT, summer leagues are getting ready and summer tournaments are coming so there is light in the darkness.

I want to apologize for my lack of posting here in the last month. I was on Holiday. First i went to Prague and played in the AHM ( ) which is, in my opinion, the best box lacrosse tourney around. I played for the Dublin Riggers as i have over the last 3 years now. Great bunch of lads indeed.

Then I returned from Prague and the next day was off to the good ‘ol USA for some holiday and lax business.

Now, I am back in Istanbul and will be posting more now. Here are some of the upcoming posts and events for Turkey Lacrosse:

June 20-24-Going to the Berlin Open to play and attend the European Lacrosse Federation AGM
June 28-30- Turkey’s first ever national men’s lacrosse team try outs in Istanbul

July 2-9- Going to Israel to play in about 6 days of games. July 4 will be the Israel national men’s team vs the Turkey national men’s lacrosse team live on Israeli television.

I will be posting about our Head Coach, Marty Lattman. Our trips to israel, Berlin and try-outs.

We have some other great news on the horizon so keep checking back.

Welcome and thank you for being part of the Turkey Lax revolution!!!

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